Our company was founded on the strong belief that young people feel far from wine because they cannot conceive quality beverages as something separate from pleasure, social gathering and friendship- a notion that spirits and beer companies understood a long time ago.  This is why, we use entertainment to transmit new wine knowledge in an approachable way and seamlessly add new young consumers to the wine market.



The idea that young people are not interested in learning about wine and are only interested in drinking it, is false!  From day one, we have defied this notion by creating events that entertain as well as train the palate of new drinkers, in a fun and pleasurable format.  We present valuable information as entertainment and wineries sell more fine wine.  



Technology is the heart of the Wine Revolution platform and our events are built around it.  The attendees’ experience is based on technology so that they can maximize learning before, during and after the event while having fun, and at the same time remember every wine they like which makes purchasing easier afterwards.  This very action significantly amplifies the commercial effect of every event.  

78% of millennials pick new wines based on peer recommendations over any other source of information
— Wine Intelligence

Millennials come to our events to…


> TASTE BEFORE BUYING:  The younger generation of consumers use our events to taste and pick the wines that they will be drinking in the next six months (and share their findings with their friends!)


> LEARN WINE BASICS:  Anybody can read a tedious book about wine or pay for a basic wine course, but it requires time and lots of effort.   It’s easier to attend our events and taste different wines, learn more about the styles they like and take away tips they will put to good use when buying the next wines!


> HAVE A GOOD TIME:  Learning about wine is way more enjoyable if it’s presented in a playful and entertaining manner.  To that end we create original content in a fun and relaxed environment where wine becomes the center of a great moment of pleasure with friends.  

We know that wine seems somewhat complicated but at the end, it all comes down to whether you like it or you don’t.  It’s that simple
— Wine Revolution